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22nd of June 2017 02:06 PM Link
Father, as we wait on you, we rededicate our lives and ask that our sacrifice and service shall be acceptable to you. In this season and beyond help us to show forth glory in every area of our lives that men may see and glorify your name. Hosea 6:1-3; Romans 12:1-2.
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22nd of June 2017 10:37 AM Link
Father, we thank you for your mercies and blessings each day for the past six months.
We thank You for our wonderful families, church, provision, protection and preservation. We gratefully give thanks for all you have done as well as all you are going to do in our lives, families, church and the nation. 1 Chronicles 16:34, 2 Corinthians 9:15 Lamentation 3:22-25; Psalms 118:1. #HOTRPush
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22nd of June 2017 06:27 AM Link
Join us as we thank God for taking us through the first half of the year, and also as we pray committing the second half into His hands. #HOTRPush
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21st of June 2017 09:40 AM Link
Mid-year thanksgiving PUSH starts tomorrow, don't miss it.
20th of June 2017 12:51 PM Link
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19th of June 2017 04:00 PM Link
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19th of June 2017 09:53 AM Link
#FathersDay2017 #HOTRService
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18th of June 2017 06:47 PM Link
One relationship of favour can turn things around for you. It's not about how much you have, it's about knowing what you really have.
-Pastor Kola Oladunmoye #FathersDay2017 #HOTRService
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18th of June 2017 12:18 PM Link
Ministering- Pst.Kola Oladunmoye
Title: Use what you've got
Text: Matthew 25:14-19

As many years as you have spent looking for a way out, all God is giving to you are opportunities. God is telling you to start now and he is testing how long you can wait. #FathersDay2017 #HOTRService
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18th of June 2017 12:00 PM Link

Matt 25:14 -25.


Time and chance will happen to those who are prepared for the opportunity.

Opportunity can only be recognized by someone who has prepared for it.

We should live our lives in the mode of “Get Set”.

If you are not in get set mode you can not hear go.

When you truly believe God for something, you can wait for it.

Your miracle will come on a day you are not expecting.

If you are used to rejecting assignments, you will probably miss the opportunity.

Have your attitude fixed before your opportunity comes.

Sometimes a situation that looks bad, has good in it.

The secret to your break through is hidden in your daily routine.

God will create the opportunity, but it is for you to seize it.

Talent is free, but ability has to be enhanced.

Time does not mature your gift - practice does.

The size of your ability determines what you can draw from your opportunity.

It is about the value you have to offer. People will make time for you when you have value to offer.

Where you are is not always the best place for your opportunity - so you must always be tied to God.

It’s not about what you have, it is about knowing what you have.
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